Maya’s Very Own Post

My mother told me it was a good idea to write in the blog myself, and I think so too, so let’s get this started.

I cry every day, so I made my own calendar where I mark the days I cry with red and the days I don’t cry with green. Yellow, if I cry only a little. I put the seven days of the week and the dates, the holidays and the month. This month so far I have 13 greens, only one full yellow and little red. This calendar helps me to stop crying.

I love drawing pictures of my family and me, and of my favorite videogame, Animal Jam. It is a very cool game. I played it for about three years. My friend Catherine told me about it. Me and Cathy, which is how I call her for short, we are “sisters from another mother”. I miss her very much. We see each other on AJ (Animal Jam).

Maya and Catherine BFF

Maya and Catherine BFF

Anyway, I read this book called La Cité Secrète that my friend Catherine gave me for my birthday. It is in French. In it I learn about Peru, Mach Pichu, the dangerous condor, all kinds of lamas, and the quipu, which is like a book made out of strings. It can indicate numbers and very important things that I forgot; it can even say I love you. And Mach Pichu is an old place with lots of golden treasures. In Quechua language Machu Pichu means Old Great Mountain. Huayna Pichu means New Mountain. Kuntur in Quechua means caution or condor. The condor is very dangerous. I don’t remember why. I know that they are silent and they are extinct.

Another game I like is LPS (Littlest Pet Shops). They are small fake plastic animals. I have houses for them and accessories as well. One of my newest PetShops is a yellow firefly. She is a girl named Catalina. This is a name of a sailboat, but I like it because it is nice. I will never tell anyone how I got her. It’s a secret. She is one of my favorite pet shops. My second favorite is Catherine. I called her Catherine because I miss my good old friend. Cathy is purple bunny. She is very cute. This Christmas I got a brown polar bear PetShop named Cookie. I name them myself. A PetShop can be any color, there are even pink raccoons! So yea, Cookie is a brown polar bear and I am glad to have her because polar bears are almost extinct. I also have a purple Dalmatian. I have forty four PetShops and that is a lot. Some are twins, some are married, some are bullies, some are losers, and I remember all their names. I have boys, but mostly girls PetShops. This is all I have to say about my toys and books.

Catalina, Bone, and Cookie (the brown polar bear)

Catalina, Bone, and Cookie (the brown polar bear)

By the way, I would like you, guys and girls, to meet Bubba- my exploring teddy bear. He is old, very old, I got him right when I was born, and he goes everywhere with me. I cannot sleep without him; I like how he smells. But he is ugly. He also lost most of his leg and can only walk on one foot. He got damaged and repaired many times, and one of his eyes is almost broken. He lost his butt, poor him.

I fell in love with a sailboat and I have names for boats in my head: Ship Happens, The Not for Sail, Bubba, Nomad Life, and finally Diado Ghanoush (means Grandpa Ghanoush in Bulgarian). Most of the names are funny. I just can’t wait to get our boat. I love exploring the world! I really want to go to Fiji. It would be a dream-come-true. And I wish to go to China and learn Chinese and martial arts from Master IP. His style is the best. It is called Wing Chung. He is very old but still alive. He thought Bruce Lee IP style and Bruce Lee was able to do three hits per second!!! And I can’t believe that at all…

Ops, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself. Well, my name is Maya Georgiev, and I love making new friends and writing in the blog. I make new friends at a playground in Saint Petersburg. There I also develop my muscles by hanging upside-down on the monkey bars and pulling myself up without arms. I am like a wild monkey. I even got big blisters from too much playing at the playground.

At the playground

At the playground

Maya's blisters from too much playing at the playground

Maya’s blisters from too much playing at the playground

I hate showers and I love staying dirty. For me clean is dirty and dirty is clean and my hair is sticking out like a devil’s. It feels nice having short hair and the best thing is that it doesn’t take long to wash, and I don’t even need to brush it or tie it into a ponytail. But the worst thing about having short hair is that everyone thinks I am a boy. They even say I sound like a boy, but I really don’t sound like one.

My favorite color is the blue of the most clearest water.

The languages I know are: Bulgarian, French, and English. The languages I know a few words of are: Spanish, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Russian (because there are many Bulgarian words in Russian). That’s a lot of languages and I am proud of myself. I can pretty much go around the world and talk to a lot of people.

My favorite action is laughing. I just love laughing at my brother’s funny jokes.

Since we live in Baba Ghanoush, our motor home, there are things I like and don’t like. I love sleeping here in the motor home. It is like sleeping in a cozy quiet bear cave. It just knocks me off… It brings me on a hook (figure of speech that I invented. It’s like if a fish who is sleeping gets caught on a hook without realizing it).

Maya and Viktor in the morning. Rise and shine!

Maya and Viktor in the morning. Rise and shine!

I love eating at the table because we have tasty food and I am always hungry. But I hate eating healthy things, like vegetables, except tomatoes with salt, cucumbers with lemon, corn, and carrots.  I like the most sweet stuff and chocolate.

The next thing I am about to say is: I am very annoying when it comes to milk. All I drink is milk or juice. I hate water, it’s gross and tasteless.

I also hate crying, because when I cry everyone hates me and wants me to go outside in the crazy world.

I used to suck my thumb a lot, all night and all day, I could never stop. But the dentist told me to stop. So we bought fake nails for four dollars and my mom glued one with crazy glue to my thumb. And just like that I stopped sucking it (but the first three days was very hard).

Thank you, and I am sorry if you don’t like reading, and if you think my post is boring, but it took me a long time to compose it. Thank you anyway!

More drawings by Maya:

Maya with long hair. Self portrait

Maya with long hair. Self portrait

Maya with short hair. Self Portrait

Maya with short hair. Self Portrait

Daddy Ivo

Daddy Ivo

Viktor Sleeping

Viktor Sleeping

Mama Mira

Mama Mira

Self Portrait from a photograph

Self Portrait from a photograph

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13 thoughts on “Maya’s Very Own Post

  1. Nice story, your Teddy bear is in better shape than mine

  2. nel

    Maya ! It’s such a joy to read you ! I’ve met you only twice , both in very funny occasions and I wish we’d met more often. So I hope you will write again and again because your stories and your adventures make me travel ! xx danielle (Tania and Christian’s friend ) !

  3. Maya- I loved reading your blog!!!!! Your drawing of your dad is fantastic. You are so lucky to have the experience of travelling and not having to sit in a boring classroom. Please continue blogging!

  4. Love it Maya! Wish I could join you on your adventure but reading about it it the next best thing. Keep more posts coming!

  5. Zdravei Maya – az sam Krasi,mnogo otdavnashna i dobra priqtelka na tvoite mama i tatko,koito mnogo obicham.Poznavam i tvoqt brat Viktor,ot vremeto,kogato beshe malko bebe :).Sega,chrez tvoq blog i razkaz se radvam ,che se zapoznah sas teb i tvoqt svqt,tvoqt pogled kam jivota i svobodata da mechtaesh.Ti si neveroqtno momiche i se nadqvam da si ostanesh vinagi tolkova prelestna,zabavna,chista i avantiuristichna,tochno kato tvoite roditeli.Makar da ne te poznavam lichno iskam da znaesh ,che naistina mnogo te obicham i se nadqvam nqkoi den da se zapoznaem.Pojelavam ti prekrasni pateshestviq i pove4e usmihnati momenti.



  6. La famille Brown (Mylène, Eric, Gregory, Catherine et Corey)

    Dear Maya, We are all so glad you took the time to make that wonderful post. On t’aime très fort et nous content d’avoir de tes nouvelles. Tes cheveux courts sont très beaux, il faut juste que tu portes plus de rose (moi aussi j’ai déjà eu les cheveux courts et si je portais du bleu les gens pensaient que j’étais un garçon). À bientôt Maya! xxxoooxxooo

  7. Hello and thank you everyone to leave nice comments! My brother said no one would like and read my post at all. Im happy that all of you liked it.

  8. Danny (aka Doodles on the CF)

    Nice blog Maya. Keep posting. We live in Thailand half the year and on our sailboat in the US the other half. Once you get your boat you’ll have to visit us in Thailand … or the US.

  9. Christian

    Very nice blog Maya! I love it!!! And your username for your game is way too cool!
    We miss you guys! Keep on writing, drawing & posting pictures!

  10. Maya,
    Your blog post is fantastic! I hope you get better with your crying. My brother just sent me a link to your family’s blog and I enjoy it. I hope to read more about you adventures in the future.

  11. Maya, your blog is the most interesting blog I have read in awhile! Please keep them coming. You are a wonderful young lady and you look super cool with your short hair! Don’t mind the people that tell you you look like a boy – you don’t! Waiting for your next post :)) Ellie

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