Boat Hunt Update

It has been a long time since I wrote here about our boat hunt development, so here we go.

About a month ago we fell in love with a Wauquiez 49 Centurion located in Rock Hall, Maryland. This beautiful ocean-capable French boat had everything we wanted in and out (the three-cabin layout with two mirror aft cabins…)

Wauquiez 49 Centurion under sail

Wauquiez 49 Centurion under sail

Wauquiez 49 Centurion Layout

Wauquiez 49 Centurion Layout

Wauquiez 49 Centurion Saloon

Wauquiez 49 Centurion Saloon

Unfortunately, there are not many Wauquiez 49 in North America, most of them are in Europe: France, Spain, Croatia… The one in Rock Hall had already a contract when we called and got sold for 162, 000 on December 22. It was the End of the World for us…

But a new cycle in our search begun shortly after “The End-of-the-World Day”.

December 23, we found a Catalina 42 mk ii for sale at the marina next to the park where we are currently living. After visiting the Catalina Factory in Largo, FL, and after talking to people and reading comments in the on a thread I have posted a few weeks ago suggesting that it is better to get a smaller boat, we thought the Catalina 42 mkii (three-cabin layout of course) is OK for our needs. The one just beside us in St Pete is 2007, asking price 189,000.

Catalina 42 mkii

Catalina 42 mkii

As we were getting ready to make an offer, just about two days ago, we met a guy at a boat yard, who has been sailing and cruising extensively, and who is now fixing all kinds of boats. Bill Maker. There was a Catalina in Bill’s boatyard and he wasn’t at all enthusiastic about her. As he explained, they are OK boats but not built for offshore cruising, not the best choice for our needs.

As we finished talking about Catalinas, we started talking about Catamarans. And so the Cat seed has been planted in us and is now growing like a magic bean.

Same day, 20 min after saying good by to Bill, we walked by a marina, and we found a book: The Cruising Catamaran Advantage by Rod Gibbons ( we always scavenge the used books at the marinas). Same evening, in the, a guy from Arizona asked: “Are you sure you are committed to a monohull?” -Not anymore!

We are now considering Catamarans, as well as monohulls. But it feels like we are starting all over again the research-reading-learning process, as we didn’t know anything about Cats… One  helpful for us article on cats was:

Next week we are visiting a Fountain Pajot Athens 38, 1998, one-owner, never chartered. Looks like we have “a thing” for French sailboats…Oh, and have you seen the layout; guess how many cabins there are in a 38 Catamaran? In the meantime, we are continuing to sail on the small 18 feet keelboats here at the Sailing Center every day for a few hours. And every day it is a different weather, different experience. But although it is a great practice for the four of us, we feel we now need to do some much more serious sailing on bigger boats. So next step will be crewing.

Fountain Pajot Athens 38 under sail

Fountain Pajot Athens 38 under sail

Fountain Pajot Athens 38 layout

Fountain Pajot Athens 38 layout

Fountain Pajot Athens 38

Fountain Pajot Athens 38

We’ll see what happens next…

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6 thoughts on “Boat Hunt Update

  1. That looks like a very beautiful vessel!

  2. Don’t put off a Catalina on one mans opinion. I have sailed with a doctor my wife works for and he has a ’91 Catalina 36 that he has been sailing for 20 years. He wouldn’t have another boat….and as much as I would hope he would sell me this boat and move to another …… I really don’t think he will give it up! And like you, I do admire a Catamarans….but at easily 10 times the cost of a mono….it isn’t in my ‘budget’ at the moment.

    When you are cruising, and you will see this many time on CF, you will be sailing about 10% of the time. So find a boat that the family is comfortable living aboard and it will be the best boat that you can sail. If it isn’t ‘bluewater’ enough for you, any boat of size can be modified to meet your needs. The only boat I would say to stay away from (and others would disagree) is the new Hunters. They had to really lighten up the ballast to be able to support a mast with no back stay. I have heard even the most avid Hunter owners complain about how tender that makes a boat.

    • Thanks for the tips, Rob!
      Yes, Catalina is pretty good boat, our friends and neighbours Brian and Joyce will also be disappointed that we are not buying her….But we are now absolute catamaran-converts and after everything we have red about catamarans, I think our boat will be a cat. And the price of the 49 Wauquiez 1992, a 42 Catalina 2007, and a 38 Fountaine Pajot 1998 are pretty much the same. The space in a 38 catamaran is even bigger than in the 49 monohull, and so the price comes to the same thing.
      About the Hunters, yes, we know 🙂 They are not so bad for coastal cruising and island hopping but for us a Hunter will not do.

  3. Bill Johnstone

    Just happened to find your story and wanted to offer you our sailboat. It is a Wauquiez Hood 38 that has had a spoiled life. Very very nice condition. It is in Ft Pierce Florida and ready to go. Best to call 904 624-0794. Bill

  4. Hey Mira and family,

    We are looking at similar boats for similar reasons. This week at the Seattle boat show we looked at a 2010 Lagoon 400, as well as older, nicer monos. The older monos (Sweden 45, Wauquiez 38) were far and away nicer than the lagoon. Stronger, much better interiors. We are now going down the Wauquiez 47, Stevens 47, Transpac 49, etc., road, as well as slightly older cats like a mid 90s prout, privilege, etc.

    I love your lifestyle! Raising kids on a boat is one of the big reasons we are doing this. Hopefully we will be out soon, as soon as we can empty our house of the things that hold us back and sell, sell, sell!

    • Yes, we truly fell in love with the Waquiez 49, but they are hard to find in USA. The 47 one has two front cabins as oppose to two mirror aft cabins, and we didn’t like this layout…But now we have become catamaran converts, and we will get a 38 foot one soon, hopefully.
      Here is an article someone recommended us here on this blog, and we found truly inspiring

      Good luck and keep in touch!

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