Planet 3D

Planet 3D.

A place of perpetual noise and toxic dust.

Nothing to do with the rest of the world.

The soil on planet 3D has a dull-blue colored crust a small sample of which, examined under a microscope, will reveal a complex composition: a mixture of hazardous  substances such as: cyanide, copper, epoxy, and tributyltin. These same chemicals are also found floating in the atmosphere and occasionally form dense clouds resembling desert storms on planet Earth, but toxic. Breathing this air is precarious.

As a precaution and only remedy, it is recommended to drink beer.

The first creatures we meet here remind us of people. Only, they have non-organic otherworldly faces. Their eyes- hidden behind dirty goggles; instead of mouths and noses- breathing masks; instead of hands, grinders. They wake up at 8 am. I don’t know what wakes them up, it can’t be the roosters. Like huge insects, they start buzzing and screeching grinding all day. Some, like sick animals, moan in long plaintive moans interrupted by short pauses, others monotonously growl, creating constant background industrial noise. You get used to it.

They wear strange suits like out-of-space people that are plasticky and cover their bodies and heads. These suits were once white like the clouds but then turned blue, grey, or brown, leaving a trail of colored dust in the air when moving. But they don’t move much. They stay up all day for many days, each facing a boat with a diseased skin, operating on it. Like pigmies operating on dying whales. Very gently, very concentrated, with love.

The boats out of the water resemble sad stuffed birds who once flew in the skies their wings spread in the wind. Now wounded, immobile, no wings, no direction, no space. No two boats are the same.

Late in the afternoon, the creatures get tired and one by one stop buzzing. Something to do with the sun, I guess, makes them retire. When there is no sun, the creatures sleep, dreaming of other blue worlds to come.

3D at night

3D is the name of a boat yard in Key West Stock Island where we are currently working on our boat, fixing her, getting her ready for cruising and livaboard. It is truly a different world, much like the planet I am describing. But there is a lot more to it, and I will write soon again.

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9 thoughts on “Planet 3D

  1. Tom Bodine

    stay safe, keep plugging a way

  2. Brian and Joyce

    Good excuse for a beer…..right? Hope you are having a few.

  3. Nancy&pierrot

    So true… You seem to have found the secret to finding the beauty in all life given situations wherever you are… Bon courage! It’s sortive like shining silver or brass…keep polishing till you see yourself!

  4. Your header image is so beautifully painterly!

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