A Few Blog Up-Dates

Since I last posted here there have been a couple of changes in our blog.

The first and most important thing is that we now own the website thanks to my brother Ivaylo Nenchev, who set up the whole thing. I wouldn’t be able to do it ever, and so we are very grateful for his initiative and the amazing job he did. Thank you, bro! So if you are following our journey, please make sure to bookmark or subscribe to, as I will be posting lots of exciting stories and pictures there from now on.

The second important change to the blog is the launching of our Shanty Boat Shop Page where we will be advertising and selling stuff we make, find, get, or buy as we go around the world in order to help finance our journey. From new and used clothes and accessories, to shells and palm leaf hats, we are hoping to learn local crafts, make some cash, and promote small local business around the world. You can visit the page here regularly, as I will be updating it every now and then with new merchandise.


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