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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Claudia, Michele, Laura and Fabio

    Hi Mira,Ivo, Maya and Viktor
    How are you? We miss so much the nice time with you. Playing soccer, do barbeque, wash the dishes, talking to Wally,playing Billiard,smiling togheter,fishing big Sharks…Sorry Flounders, cleaning Turtle Beach from Red Tide desaster…..
    Our live is still running fast because we don’t have time to stop things to do or only enjoy the RV,our just fixing a Boat…… but reading your interresting comments the time will stoped for a moment and so glad memories comes back……. just wonderfull……dreaming a nice time with you and thinking: it will be a thirh meeting time all toghether with so nice people like you…..
    And Ivo with this carnival – look at the beach….. i saw a nice and creative artist in him…:-))
    The name of Your sailing Cathamaran ist Fata Morgan….. and why not Arche Noah ?? Maybe one thay you will sailing with a hugh Arche and help animals and peoples survive of waterflows ?
    We wish you a nice time, wondurfull adventures and good luck for your mission…..

    Claudia, Michele (lasciatemi cantar..con la gitarra in mano….sono un italiano……) Laura and Fabio (soccer future Star like Balotelli or Roberto Baggio…. ho never nows…..

    Keep in touch and nice Regards.

    Un abbraccio forte Michele e famiglia. 23.04.2013

  2. the lance

    the lance wishes he had a phone number to “contact us” cuz the lance is computer illiterate and does not know how to use E-mail
    sincerly the lance

  3. Прекарах половин събота и се измъчих с английския за да чета за приключенията ви 🙂 И всичко това от едно елементарно търсене в Гугъл за предимствата и недостатъците на катамараните – ей така, от любопитство 🙂 И гледам едни прекалено български имена под снимките, и ми стана любопитно, и като се зачетох… Нехероятна лодка имате! И изглеждате супер готино семейство – желая ви да сте си все така!

    Поздрави от България.

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