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I have started this blog as a way of documenting a journey. A voyage into a new and unknown way of life that our family of four has been envisioning for the past few years. We have left behind work, school, home, and all those things that give us some false sense of security and comfort in order to find alternative ways of experiencing the world. We are now officially in a pursuit of happiness and adventure.

We have been dreaming about this journey since more than 6 years now, but the dream transformed into a solid plan in July of 2012 with a simple walk on a pier in Vancouver. There, we met Steve. Steve lives on a steal sail boat with his wife and three kids. They became a great inspiration.

In September 2012, I withdrew the kids from school. In October, my husband and I left work. In November, we piled up a bunch of clothes, books, and tools on our newly acquired 1988 34-feet motor home that we called Baba Ghanoush, and left our house in Bois-des-Filion, Quebec, fleeing south in search of a boat.  After five months on the road, we found our version of the “perfect boat”. One that will be our home, our vehicle, and our school for an unknown number of years. A boat that will take us just about everywhere we want to go: Fata Morgana, a 2001 Robertson&Caine Leopard 38.

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

Here, I will be publishing photos and stories from our trip, at the same time commenting on a universe of diverse topics and issues that might come up along the way such as: education, art, politics and social issues, philosophy, cooking, literature and poetry, photography and film, religion and spirituality, history and geography, sport, fitness and health, flora and fauna, wildlife, urbanization, globalization, and of course, travel, escapism, adventure, sailing, fishing, and living in alternative ways, to name just a few. OK, more than a few…

Hopefully some of these themes will inspire debates. I welcome any opinions, comments, and advices in any of the five languages I am able to communicate in: English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian or Russian. Also, I expect blessings and good-luck wishes, small and large donations in any currency, as well as fishing tips and recipes.


15 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. elisabeth

    All the best my bohemian friends, we will follow you on your journey. Thinking of you have a great trip enjoy every moment. Don’t think about anything but fun and more fun. Bisous

  2. Marc


  3. Zdraveite Buddy,Ivo,Viki i Maq,strashno valnuvasto i ekstremno e tova,koeto pravite.Vseki pat sledq novite vi razkazi i snimki.Patuvam s vas i saprejivqvam.Obicham vi i popaten vqtar 🙂

  4. I’m jealous! Good luck to you and I wish you all the best. Who knows, we may meet up on the wild seas some day (I’ll have to get a yacht first !)

  5. Great respect for all 4 of you! Enjoy your adventure, I’ll be following.

  6. fair winds, from another family looking to take a long trip!

  7. Sounds like the most incredible journey – would love to do that one day!

  8. So good!!!!! I can’t wait to read more!

  9. Hey guys! Pleased to have found you! Looking forward to following your adventures! =^.^=

  10. azael ceballoa

    Hello, you both are extraordinary people and unique from the ones we have meet in your life. I do wish the best for your family and hope to hear back from you soon. Awesome guys>@


    • Azael, Sonia, we will be splashing the boat in a week or two and we might sail to Miami to see you guys! We so much want to see you all again!

  11. Kimberly Berger

    I can’t help but smile when I read what this blog was about, about you and your families journey, it reminded me of my own adventure(though not nearly as grand as yours sounds) when I was 15 and traveled the country for two years hitchiking before ending up in San Francisco. Look me up if you and your fam are ever in the area. My husband and I would like to make you all a good dinner and maybe you could bless us with some stories=) Kimberly Berger 4155031979 lvrwfefrnd@yahoo.com. May you enjoy the adventure in all it’s splendor and glory. Sat Nam

    • Hey, thanks so much for the invite! We will now have a strong reason to sail to San Francisco, one of our favorite places in all North America!

      I will be publishing incredible stories in the next 1-2 weeks with us as the protagonists in our website, which is http://www.thelifenomadik.com

      A foot operation without anesthesia aboard our boat; scavenging of a wreck; a visit from a German journalist writing an article about Boat Punk; volunteering at the food bank etc.

      Hope to meet you some day, you made my day!


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